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We help you with various permits needed for different locations.

Japan is a great location for productions but there are also somewhat difficult rulings when it comes to permits. Every location have to be dealt with differently. This is where we can help you. Give us a call!



Big5 Film Japan just back from filming in Kyoto. This material will be part of a TV series

featuring the best of Japan. In the picture you see maiko or geiko performers coming out from the theatre in old Kyoto.



Big5 Film Japan just back from filming in Okinawa. This tropical islands that´s border Japan in the south are like Hawaii. The water, the coral sand and the thousands of coral reefs is absolutely stunning. Two hours flight from Tokyo makes it a perfect location for productions that needs sunny white beaches and summer year round.

Okinawa, Japan is like living in a seaworld. This bridge take you over coral reefs with thousands of colorful fishes.
Okinawa resorts and hotels 5 stars, pool and water sports on the beaches
Mangrove and djungle in Okinawa, Japan
Beach in Okinawa, Japan with fantastic coral sand
Okinawa, Japan, horse backriding, beach, coral reef



Big5 Film Japan is producing a documentary that takes place mainly in Japan but

also in USA and Europe. The story is about Japanese art and the artists behind the art.

As for now this production is not officially annonsed and therefor we can not reveal to

much about this documentary. But we can say this much that this very special artists behind the art goes back to the 13th century. The story leads up to present time Japan.

And it´s not about painting...



MFQ (Modern Folk Quartet) was one of the promised bands in US in the 60´s.

Surprisingly the biggest followers came from Japan where three Japanese MFQ copy-band have kept MFQ alive for all this years. 

Big5 Film Japan documented the MFQ Japan tour, 2016 and will produce a short film featuring their farewell tour in Japan.



Big5 Film Tokyo just finishing production of a documentary featuring the After Effect guru and master of FX magic, Andrew Kramer, from Los Angeles, visiting Tokyo.

Andrew Kramer is credited for amazing work on films such as Star Wars -The Force Awakens.

We filmed Andrew and his team when they visited famous FX studios in Tokyo as well

as the Kramer team preparing for the big show "Video Copilot Event, Tokyo 2016. The event was hosted and sponsored by Flashback, Tokyo.



Tokyo is absolutely outstanding when it comes to locations. Not many city can show a greater diversity of expressions. Old and new side by side. Do you want an American hamburger or Japanese nudels, no problems. Do you want a shack or a futuristic skyscraper, no problems. Do you want to buy one of the best surfboards and try it out east of Tokyo, no problem. Tokyo will fulfill your wildest dreams.

Surfing east of Tokyo in Japan with Fuji san in the backdrop, Kamakura, JApan
Surfing east of Tokyo in  Japan, Kamakura
Surfing east of Tokyo in  Japan, Kamakura

Location scouting Tokyo

Old and new Tokyo, Japan



Never plan your production around the Golden Week in Japan. Absolutely crazy on the roads and in the cities. Also many production houses are closed.



-A record-high 23.9 million people in Japan are expected to make overnight or longer trips during this year’s Golden Week holiday period between late April and early May, up 0.3 percent over a year before, leading travel agency JTB Corp. said Tuesday.


The number of travelers going overseas is expected to increase 2.8 percent to 546,000, although the number of people traveling to Europe is likely to drop almost 10 percent following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris in November and in Brussels last month.

/The Japan Times News

Here are some behind the scene shots from the music video production featuring Swedish hip hop star Lorentz. The video was filmed in Tokyo and down on the Pacific coast near the town of Shimoda.

Lorentz, hip hop, Tokyo, Music video
Lorentz, hip hop, Tokyo, Music video
Lorentz, hip hop, Tokyo, Music video

This is about a production (feature/news documentation) for Jeffrey Foskett, one of the members in Beach Boys. The filming took place in Tokyo when Beach Boys toured Japan March, 2016. Here an interview with Jeffrey Foskett and Mike Love, the original Beach Boys member.

This film was produced for iYOSHINO sleepwear. Its about how to make a zabuton.

Ikebana, flower arrangement and contemporary art in Japan. This film was produced for an event in Uppsala, Sweden

Way Out With Prince 
Posted on August 13, 2011, when Prince performed at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg.
My meeting with Prince was short but memorable. It was back in Los Angeles 1991 and Roxette took the Californians by storm. We did a story on Per Gessle cruising down Sunset Boulevard in my Ford Thunderbird 1959. After rapping up the photo session in front of Tower Records we went for a drink at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, or it could have been The Viper Room. Normally they give you a valid parking ticket and drive off with your car to a parking lot. But my beautiful 59 squarebird stayed in front of the club (together with a Lamborghini and a few Ferrari’s) . Leaving the club and waiting for the keys to my T-bird Prince and his entourage showed up. Prince looked at my lipstick red squarebird and then looked at me and said, “really nice whip (car)”

Do you know where your rice were grown? Rice for the Japanese is all about art and taste. In Tokyo you can buy it at stores specialised in gourmet rice, or you can get it from your cousin. Our cousin, the rice farmer, gave us a couple of kilos. The best taste and the highest quality cultured in the clearest water from his own well.

1, 3 million US dollar for an endangered sushi fish This was the price for a 222 Kg bluefin tuna at the opening day of Tokyo´s Tsukiji fish market, in 2013. At this new year opening the king of all fishes “only” auctioned in at the price of 14 million yen or 117,000 US dollar. The fisherman will pocked 80 % from sell. Not bad for a catch of the day, you might think. It´s a lot of money for one fish, but they are not easy to catch. It took one fisherman 110 days of fishing before this endangered ocean rarity took the bate. This bluefin tuna, kuromaguro in Japanese, meet his destiny in the northern water off the coast of Oma, in Aomori prefecture, Japan. Kiyoshi Kimura, the buyer and owner of a Japanese sushi restaurant chain, was pleased despite the warning that the prized bluefin tuna is heading toward extinction.

Isabella Lundgren, the jazz queen of Sweden and the guys from Calle Bagge Trio in Shibuya, Tokyo. Hours before their performance at the Swedish Ambassy in Tokyo. The last day of a very successful Japan tour. This film material will be part of a documentary about Isabella.

Isabella Lundgren, jazz, jazzkatten, Calle Bagge Trio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Swedish Ambassy
Isabella Lundgren, jazz, jazzkatten, Calle Bagge Trio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Swedish Ambassy
Isabella Lundgren, jazz, jazzkatten, Calle Bagge Trio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Swedish Ambassy
Isabella Lundgren, jazz, jazzkatten, Calle Bagge Trio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Swedish Ambassy

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Isabella Lundgren, the jazz queen of Sweden in Tokyo