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Production Services Japan

You name it and we deliver. Tell us what your needs are and our Swedish/Japanese staff will accommodate you.

About us

We are Big5 Film Japan, a devision of Big5World

Big5World – Big Five Film and TV Productions - is a Swedish/USA production company specialising in TV documentaries, commercials for TV, marketing films for world destinations, social media and moving images on web TV.


Big5World  has production offices in Walnut Creek, California, USA, Stockholm, Sweden, Los Angeles, California, USA and Tokyo, Japan.


During the past 30 years, Big5World has produced TV shows, documentaries for TV, commercials and social media related contents on the web. We now give you Production Services Japan - this is a service that will help your pre production, production and post production in Japan. And we are fluent in Swedish, Japanese and English.


Big5World has a network of the best professionals working for the production company. Its producers, directors, writers, reporters, researchers, hosts, narrators, editors, music composers, FX animators, and crews on location have many years of experience.


Big5World knows inspiration comes from dreams and we cover the reality that others may only dream. The vision is to keep the world moving in the present but faster and to lead into the future. We are part explorer, part journalist and part artist.


In Japan Big5World is working under the official business name of Bel FLeur, 3-1-51 Honcho, Shiki Shi, Saitama 353-0004

Janolof Fritze


speaks Swedish, English


Mieko Fritze/Yoshino


speaks Japanese, Swedish, English


Kaz Sakamoto

Production Manager/

Music Producer

speaks English, Japanese


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