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Production Services Japan

You name it and we deliver. Tell us what your needs are and our Swedish/Japanese staff will accommodate you.

How it works

We think and work the way you are used to do it in Scandinavia. We are from Sweden.

Tokyo Tower, cityskype, Tokyo, Japan

Pre Production

We help you setup location office, book accommodations, whether it is hotels or private apartments.


Transportation - We set you up with car rentals and drivers.


Equipment rentals - We have close relations with all the rental houses in Tokyo.


Do you have need for a studio? No problems. We work with the best studios in town and we can provide you with experianced casting directors, music directors and line-producers.

Crew - We are in a network of very skilled and professional production people like, B-photo, prod. ass. el. ass., location manager, gaffer, sound ass. , just to name a few. Many from Japan but also from other countries like Sweden and USA. Professionals that have worked in Japan for many years.


We also help you with various permits needed for different locations.

Location Scouting 
We will scout and find any location to match your requirements.

Tokyo has a never ending possibilities of fantastic locations. In less then two hours drive you have the Pacific Ocean and the beaches, surfing, small villages, tempels and beutiful countryside. 

Post Production

We can set you up with part or full editing facilities. You will get the service you need and to the right price.


We can handle your needs of transfers, shipping and storage as well.

Prep room, rental house, Tokyo, Japan
Prep room, rental house, Tokyo, Japan
Arri with Preston Light Ranger 2, Prep room, rental house, Tokyo, Japan
Prep room, rental house, Tokyo, Japan
Film permit, Tokyo, Japan
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