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Gone fishing
Fly fishing Ueno 137.jpg

Took time out from the Olympic Games and went fly fishing up

in the beautiful Japanese green mountains. The river runs through Ueno, Gunma Prefecture. On our way back to Tokyo we were sadly reminded that not far away from the river is the mountain where tragically the JAL flight 123 crashed on August 12, almost to the date, 36 years ago. If you remember, the airplane lost all controls and was destined to hit the mountain peak and all onboard had about 20 minutes to write notes to their loved ones. One passenger who died that day was the famous singer Kyu Sakamoto that I meet in Gothenburg, Sweden a few years earlier. His song "Sukiyaki" lives forever,

Fly fishing Ueno 137.jpg
Ueno, Gunma: me river fishing
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 18.07.57.png
Japan Airline flight 123 crash site
Tokyo 2020: Winning Gold and fighting virus

Covid-19 taking a grip over Tokyo but the Japanese challenge the virus

and flock to the Olympic arena just to get a taste of the games. People living in Tokyo did not favor the games at the beginning but now with all the medals for Japan that have changed. They talk about the bubble and that no athletes from the Olympic Village can leave the area with the risk of bringing the virus in and out of the village. Now that is not entirely true.

Many walked out of the Olympic arena and did mix with the citizens.

Today it´s 36c and humid. Another hot day at the games.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 14.25.12.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 14.24.44.png

Olympic Games Stockholm 2012 vs Tokyo 2020

I saw this Swedish article and had to put it in context with the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021.

Greta Johansson took a few hours off from work. Biked down to the swimming arena. Jumped the trampoline and became the first Swedish woman to receive an Olympic gold medal. The places were the Olympic Games in Stockholm 1912. Those were the days and not like Tokyo 2020 which is guarded more like a war zone.

Japan the land of wonder! But before you can take it all inyou have to check-out at the airport.

Before flying:

Within 72 hours Corona test before flying to Japan,

You need a smartphone and several apps installed.

If you don't have a smartphone you have to rent one at the airport on arrival.

You have to fill out a pledge where you commit yourself to be monitored

for 14 days. 

















Arriving Japan.

Sit down and wait for your turn (hundreds of seats)

Checkpoint 1: you have to go through all the paperwork.

Checkpoint 2: more paperwork

Checkpoint 3: more paperwork

Checkpoint 4: Going through your smartphone and making sure you have all the apps

Checkpoint 5: Setup your WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype

Checkpoint 6: Setup the two tracking apps

Checkpoint 7 Overlooking all the documents and apps

Checkpoint 8 Taking a new Corona test (saliva or through the nose)

Checkpoint 9 Sit down and wait for the test result

Checkpoint 10 If negative - go to get your test result 

Finally, go to immigration

Then get your baggage and go to a predetermined secluded place or home

You can not use any public transportation

Going through all these checkpoints take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours



In the secluded place or at home (14 days quarantine) 

They ask you to respond several times a day. "Click I´m Here!", "Do you

or any in the family have fever?", "Activate your camera and show you're face and 

swing the smartphone so we can see your background", "Are you at home?". "Are you at home?". . .

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