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IKEA opens a store in central Tokyo

Urbanization and inner-city living are growing trends that dominate the market.

The trend is to move closer to your customers. First out was the auto industry with showrooms in the city centers around the world. Bu the most eye dropping of them all is Apple with their far-out inviting city shops that take you on an experience out of the ordinary.

And now IKEA jumps on the trend and opens their walk-in store. The timing is, of course, to meet all the summer Olympics Tokyo visitors 2020.

This first urban-type shop in Tokyo is one step to create a new world of IKEA in city centers and is part of a global approach to make IKEA more accessible.

Helene von Reis, President & CEO of IKEA Retail Japan says, "We are very happy to come closer to the many Tokyoites.

The store will be 2,500 square meters and located in Tokyo's Harajuku district.

This is a company's shift from IKEA stores outside the cities, with major stocks to online shopping and home delivery of products traded in showrooms.

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