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Tokyo 2020: Hours at the airport

Before flying:

Within 72 hours Corona test before flying to Japan,

You need a smartphone and several apps installed.

If you don't have a smartphone you have to rent one at the airport on arrival.

You have to fill out a pledge where you commit yourself to be monitored

for 14 days.

Arriving Japan.

Sit down and wait for your turn (hundreds of seats)

Checkpoint 1: you have to go through all the paperwork.

Checkpoint 2: more paperwork

Checkpoint 3: more paperwork

Checkpoint 4: Going through your smartphone and making sure you have all the apps

Checkpoint 5: Setup your WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype

Checkpoint 6: Setup the two tracking apps

Checkpoint 7 Overlooking all the documents and apps

Checkpoint 8 Taking a new Corona test (saliva or through the nose)

Checkpoint 9 Sit down and wait for the test result

Checkpoint 10 If negative - go to get your test result

Finally, go to immigration

Then get your baggage and go to a predetermined secluded place or home

You can not use any public transportation

Going through all these checkpoints take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours

In the secluded place or at home (14 days quarantine)

They ask you to respond several times a day. "Click I´m Here!", "Do you

or any in the family have fever?", "Activate your camera and show you're face and

swing the smartphone so we can see your background", "Are you at home?".

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